Meet Our Team!

     Top Health Ingredients' team has over 25 years experience in the food, functional foods and ingredients, biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries, assuring our customers a knowledgeable and qualified partner.


CEO - Kimmo Lucas, MBA

      Former President and CEO of three natural health and biopharmaceutical companies, Mr. Lucas has over twenty years of experience launching products from lab bench, through scale up, to branded premium products selling globally.  He has led senior management teams and raised millions of dollars preparing companies for public listing.  His love of the natural ingredient and functional food market led him to build Top Health Ingredients (THI) to bring more products and ingredients to the functional food markets, helping small companies achieve success along the way.  Mr. Lucas strives to find and bring to market, the most innovative and high quality products to meet the increasing global demand for improved health and healthcare solutions. 


President - Debbra DeMarco


      Former Director of Investor Relations for a Canadian biopharmaceutical company, and more recently, Director of Corporate Communications for a Health & Wellness expert, M.D. and international speaker, Debbra brings years of experience in corporate health sales, marketing, communications and operations.  She has worked with blue ribbon boards in both the U.S. and Canada, raising dollars for both investment and charity.   


  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator - Brittany DeMarco
  • Supply Chain Coordinator - Claire Somerville

  • Manager QA & Regulatory - Judy Yeung
  • Manager Operations - Pam Button
  • Logistics Coordinator - Sam Avery 



Expect more from Top Health Ingredients, Inc.

  • Representation of only TOP QUALITY ingredients and supplements;
  • Competitive pricing and flexible terms;
  • Knowledge of global marketplace and industry best practices.