Soy has been enjoyed for centuries as a food and a beverage and its benefits are many.  Top Health’s soy protein isolate, AdvantaSoy is available in 90% concentrations in versions for both meat replacement and for nutra food.  The meat replacement powder has a higher viscosity and gel strength for stable emulsion and improved water binding.  The nutra food blend is soluble and fast dispersing for use in beverages, shakes, bars and other SNWL products.  Soy is gluten free and Kosher and with its light color and neutral taste, it is still one of the most popular protein additives used in the manufacture of food products.  Soy protein from non genetically modified soybeans is difficult to find in the United States due to the fact that over 90% of the soybean crop in the U.S. is genetically modified.  Top Health works with global suppliers to ensure their product is gmo free, at source.


Packaging:  25 kg bags

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