At Top Health Ingredients Inc. we're committed to supplying top quality, GMO FREE and GLUTEN FREE ingredients to our globally based customers.   We work directly with our manufacturers and personally audit the plants and facilities that provide our ingredients.  We continually strive to source new and high quality GMO free ingredients for our customers.  We work closely with our customers and our own Quality Assurance team to ensure safety and reliability of each and every ingredient we sell.  


Top Health Ingredients Inc., has been in business since 2009 and the founders have over  25 years of experience in business, health, marketing and sales, including 20 years in the life sciences industry.  Our FDA approved warehouses in Southern California and Utah allow swift and convenient delivery for our customer orders.  Our reputation is important to us – and our commitment to quality is important to our customers.


Let us help you find the right GMO Free ingredients for your products and supplements. 

For more information on partnership opportunities - please contact us at 780-439-1425.