Top Health Ingredients Inc.

sources and supplies plant-based, non-GMO ingredients to the food, beverage and supplement markets globally. Top Health responds to consumer and manufacturer demands for the highest-quality, healthy ingredients for items such as baked goods, nutritional bars, weight loss products, RTM/RTD beverages, and supplements.  THI sources ingredients that come from seeds that have never been genetically modified and are grown in geographical locations where there is little risk of cross-contamination with GM crops. 

All of our ingredients have been certified AT SOURCE as non-genetically modified.


NEW addition to our protein line! 

AdvantaFava™ 90% Canadian Fava Bean Protein

is smooth, soluble, & a high-protein alternative to soy and pea. With its mild flavor and silky texture, AdvantaFava™ blends seamlessly into any application!

AdvantAmino™ 80% Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein

is certified organic and meets the industry's demand for lower heavy metals! Our AdvantAmino™ brown rice proteins have complete amino acid profiles, are vegan, dairy-free, allergen-free and GMO free. With two different

mesh sizes (300 & 800), and competitive pricing, it's easy

to find the perfect solution for your formulation -

shakes, smoothies, bars, chips or blends!

AdvantAmino-p™ 80% & 85% Canadian Yellow Pea Protein

is great-tasting, hypoallergenic, and easy to blend. With excellent solubility and a high protein content, pea protein makes for a fantastic alternative to soy and whey. Blends well with other proteins to neutralize

taste and texture while increasing protein levels!

AdvantAmino™ Soy 90% Soy Protein Isolate

is a GMO-free isolate available in 90% for either Meat or Nutra Foods. Its solubility and neutral flavor make it easy to formulate with! Enjoy soy protein again without the GMOs!



AdvantaFiber™  & AdvantaFiber™ II 

IMO Powder & Syrup

is a soluble Non-GMO corn fiber (isomalto oligosaccharide) that is naturally up to 50% as sweet as sucrose and adds dietary fiber.       

                                                                                                            Already one of the best tolerated soluble fibers                                                                                                                in the market, it blends, bakes and browns, and                                                                                                              dissolves readily.

                                                                                                            Now available in Tapioca!



Zero Glycemic, Tooth Friendly, No Calorie ERYTHRITOL!  


Advantitol™ erythritol adds sweetness with ZERO calories and ZERO glycemic effect! From non-GMO, gluten-free corn, Advantitol™ is 70% as sweet as sucrose.  Excellent quality and competitive pricing - the answer to NO SUGAR formulations! 


AdvantaDextrose™ is Top Health's non-GMO answer to customers wanting to use dextrose in their energy, meal replacement and sports nutrition bars and snacks.  The glucose bodybuilders look for after their workouts!

Non-GMO corn & tapioca-source maltodextrin!

AdvantaDex™ is 100% natural with a DE value of 10-15 or 15-20 & tested at source to ensure a GMO-free product. AdvantaDex™ is competitively priced from our high-quality manufacturer.

A naturally occurring sugar - Pure crystalline fructose found in many fruits, vegetables and honey.  The sweetest of the naturally occurring nutritive sugars.  Less product 

can be used to achieve the same level of sweetness as other sugars.

A naturally occurring sugar!

AdvantaFructose™ is a pure, crystalline fructose found in many fruits, vegetables and honey.  The sweetest of the naturally occurring nutritive sugars, less product can be used to achieve the same level of sweetness as other sugars.





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Led by a team with over 25 years' experience in the natural health and life sciences industries, the Top Health team is experienced and networked for success!



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A full line of NON-GMO and GLUTEN-FREE ingredients that benefit overall health by reducing calories and sugars. New products include fava bean & pea proteins!



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