Soluble dietary prebiotic that helps foster the growth of good gut bacteria - promoting a thriving microbiome.

90% fava bean protein that is smooth, soluble, & makes an excellent high-protein alternative to soy and pea.

Canadian-grown yellow pea protein that features a complete amino acid profile and a neutral, easily-masked flavor.

80% organic brown rice protein carefully crafted to blend seamlessly into formulations, with no gritty or chalky texture.

90% soy protein sourced from Non-GMO soybeans with a pleasant, neutral flavor and smooth texture.

Erythritol, sourced from non-GMO corn starch, adds desired sweetness without calories.

Maltodextrin sourced from non-GMO tapioca, available in multiple DE values.

Our latest keto-friendly sugar substitute - not included as 'added' or 'total' sugars on nutritional labels!
Now available in both syrup & crystalline versions!

Non-GMO dextrose for energy, meal replacement and sports nutrition bars and snacks.